5 нояб. 2009 г.

Crazy Day!!!))

Today was just a crazy day!!!))
First, I went with my friend Darya to withdraw money from the card to later buy a ticket for my favorite band Tokio Hotel - it was very fun))..Because first we could not enter the bank to go to the ATM!..XD For us it still has! I took the money from the card and we decided to go to the movies...
We went to the cinema, but there just a huge queue for tickets! О_о But we survived it ;) We bought tickets for the film "Michael Jackson: This Is it!" Amazing film! I'm ecstatic! And still under the impression!!!))
But then we went to buy my ticket to the concert! ^_^ Actually, I bought it!!!)) Finally!!!))
Ticket to FAN-ZONE on Tokio Hotel at me!!!))))
We said goodbye with Darya in the subway... Then I went to the store "Accessorize" and bought myself a new bag!))...


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